Goddess Essence

- Teacher Training​ -

with Ma Ananda Sarita
& Ma Prem Tanmaya

Bali 2022 and 2023


❖ YEAR 2022 ❖
JULY 3rd―
❖ YEAR 2023 ❖
February 26TH ―
March 19TH
( This Goddess Essence Teacher Training will be held in BALI)
Join the Lovolution!

“Be like the honeybee who gathers only nectar wherever it goes.
Seek the goodness that is found in everyone.”


The Goddess is enshrined in you, in me and in all women. As we awaken to our divine feminine we become part of an ever-growing movement. Birthing a new world based on empathy, love and compassion.

Personal invitation

I have embraced the Goddess within through many years of Meditation, Tantra and Holistic Healing practices. I invite you to discover the fullness of your own inner potential, as a lover, a mother / creator and a wise woman. You deserve to dance in celebration, to be multi orgasmic, to know love in everyday life and to live in awe of your own beauty. 

You deserve to be a
fully empowered woman!

Ma Ananda Sarita

What is your innermost,
secret desire? 

Perhaps you have not even dared to whisper it to yourself...

Is it to come to know the fullness of orgasm, the depths of intimacy and love,
the joys of bringing life into the world?
Or perhaps it is to be recognised as a divine being of exceptional beauty and talent?
Or maybe it is to be of service for a better world?


“When my Beloved returns to the house, I shall make my body into a temple of gladness.
Offering this body as an altar of joy, my let down hair will sweep it clean.
Then my Beloved will consecrate this temple.”

Baul Mystics

Whatever your secret desire is, know that all women are connected and your desire is our desire. When we pool our energies, we become all-powerful to manifest our life in service of the highest good for all beings.

We can change the direction from destruction to creation!

The world is full of problems and many women are afraid of the legacy we will leave to our children and our children’s children. Imagine a world without elephants, because they have all been poached for ivory. Imagine a world without fish, because they have all been killed by man made pollutants. Imagine a world without bees, because they have been killed by pesticides. Imagine a world without flowers because the bees have died. Yes, atrocities are happening each and every day in this world, and we women have the power to stop it. We are half of the world’s population. We are the birth givers. 

The change begins from within

  • Do you love your own body? If not, learn how to love yourself as it is through loving yourself that you will learn to love our mother earth. 
  • Do you realise how magnificent you are? If not, open up to your magnificence. It is through opening your potential that you will realize the potential we have to change the world. 
  • Are you orgasmic? If not, learn to open the pathway to inner ecstasy within yourself, and in this way, you will wish to give birth to an ecstatic world. 

“There is a liquid that can be released from under the mask of the face, a nectar which when it rushes down gives discipline and strength. Let that be your sacred pouring. Let your worship song be silence”


In the Goddess Essence Teacher Training you will embark on a journey of self-discovery that begins with yourself and opens into the positive transformation of all women and ultimately of the whole world.

Your teachers

Ma Ananda Sarita

The approach to Tantra I offer, is rooted in my own personal experience. I left my home in California at the age of 15 and set out on a journey to find the ‘essence of life.’ After hitchhiking all through North America, Europe and the Middle East, I arrived in India at the age of 17, where I had the great good fortune to meet Osho. I was initiated into Neo-Sannyas by him in 1973 and remained in his Buddha-field for the next 26 years, receiving much personal guidance from him in Meditation, Love, Relating and Tantra. For 16 years, I only went in, deeper and deeper to the core of my being through potent meditation practices. When Osho left his body in 1990, I began teaching and sharing what I had experienced. This sharing became a stream, then a river, flowing all over the world.

Ma Prem Tanmaya

“During my studies, a friend introduced us to the teachings of Osho and I started practicing his meditations with full enthusiasm, soaking up the transformation and insights they offered. I decided to take a leap and travel to India to spend time in the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune. There I found myself in an international community, among a gathering of like-minded people living together. The spirit of love, mediation and celebration in Pune gave me a true sense of being at home and I knew that this was the life I wanted to pursue.”

Your physical, emotional & spiritual awakening as a woman

Open 3 magical doors within
Learn and practice youthing and beauty secrets
Open to your clairvoyance and your ability to be a wise woman and healer of yourself and for all women
Learn how to hold and guide small or large groups of women into positive transformation
Awaken undreamed of sexual pleasure and ecstasy through a methodology which is tailored just for women
Understand and follow the spiritual path which is attuned to your feminine nature
Learn how to guide women on the Goddess Essence Journey
Expand your feminine potential and power to include your Goddess nature, she who is custodian of birth, death, holds the evolutionary key for humanity and as Shakti holds the secret behind all emotional states
Learn how to have fun with and appreciate women of various backgrounds and cultures

Modules & Lessons

The Goddess Essence Teacher Training is based on the series of topics listed below. When you graduate from the Training you will have gained skills and experience designed to enable you to become a teacher of these modules as a series of 4 groups. During the training, you will be experiencing these groups for your own personal evolution and will also have the opportunity to practice teaching, together with your peers.


Module 1

The Goddess Unveiled

This weekend includes vital information on feminine well-being, health and beauty. Included are experiential exercises of dance, massage, healing and meditations for personal transformation. We also offer you a special process for rewriting your inner beauty script, awakening your inner and outer Goddess in all of her splendour.

How we feel about ourselves as women is of paramount importance for fulfilment in relationships and in life as a whole. As we relax into our innate nature of love and compassion, we discover a tremendous, ever flowing resource of feminine power, beauty and resilience.

In this group, we offer a transmission for loving yourself and from that fertile soil planting a garden of love, which nurtures balanced relationships with others. She who is anchored in the power of love can easily learn the necessary tools for evolving within an intimate relationship.

All of us have some sensitivity about the issue of appearance, as it connects deeply with our identity and feelings of self-worth as a woman. When we love ourselves, this inspires us to take care of the body and is reflected in our outer beauty. Through awakening our sensual aliveness and learning how to care for our inner and outer physical form, we are able to discover and recognize our own and each other’s beauty. Come and celebrate your divine feminine nature in a safe and accepting circle of women.

This group is a deeply moving and profound personal journey for all women, whatever your age and shape and however you feel about yourself now.

Remember sisters, you are really a Goddess embodied in human form!

Module 2

Sexual & Emotional Fulfilment

Discover the immense orgasmic potential hidden in your genitals, womb, breasts, voice and your innate longing for intimacy and love.

Having relaxed into our innate nature of love and compassion in the Module 1 we have discovered a tremendous, ever flowing resource of feminine strength. With this foundation, we can now open to and trust our emotional flow and fully tap into our creative abundance and sexual ecstasy.

In this group, we unwind unhealthy conditioning in regards to our identity as woman. Unhealthy conditioning has resulted in women trying to become replicas of men or given false ideas about what it means to be a woman. As we release these false concepts our capacity for orgasmic flow is unveiled.

The power of women’s sexual response is not only located in her genitals. Women’s sexuality is holistic, involving emotions, senses, and erogenous zones all over the body. Working with our womb centre, we open to emotional fluidity. When emotions are understood and accepted in all their variations, Kundalini energy has a clear passage for its ascent.

Our womb is also connected to both birth and death. By facing the portals of birth and death with deep acceptance, we learn to be fluid and total in life, and open to change and transformation. The navel is where we receive life from our mother in the womb. After physical birth, it is still an energetic link to the universal womb, the Goddess.

Emotional fluidity is a key to sexual fulfilment and orgasmic ecstasy for women. It allows us to go deeper into intimacy and heightens our sensitivity. For women, sexual pleasure and emotional flow are directly interrelated. Unfortunately, we are catapulted into life without ever being given clear information about the art of pleasure, making love or how to have a deeply fulfilling relationship. We expect others to know what we need and how to bring us sexual fulfilment, when we ourselves do not know how. We often compartmentalize our sexuality, not allowing a full integration with our emotions or our spirit. We also accept others’ concepts of sexuality and femininity and how we should express these, instead of finding the answers within ourselves.

Yet a healthy sexuality is of vital importance for a joyous, fulfilled life. A woman’s whole body is an instrument of pleasure and joy. This group awakens within us she who is multi orgasmic, by learning female secrets for fulfilment. We then can apply this state of orgasmic being in our everyday life and relating.

In the Module two, we cover 5 master keys for women’s sexual awakening:

  1. Learning about the female sexual response in the genitals, throughout the body and the brain;
  2. Understanding the role emotions play in women’s sexual flowering; 
  3. Exploring woman as the portal for both birth and death, treasures held in our womb centre connecting us to the wheel of life, and her potential as Goddess; 
  4. Discovering the role physical connection and intimacy plays in awakening woman’s orgasmic potential 
  5. Understanding the positive and receptive nature of the chakra system and how Kundalini energy is activated in women.

Through this journey of unveiling our sexual potential we convert emotional fluidity, creative abundance and ecstasy, into a way of life. Living our life orgasmically reconnects us to the vibration of existence, which is continuously celebrating all that is, an ongoing song of “Yes!”. 

This group inspires you to reclaim your Shakti power through a healthy, empowered and integrated sexual and emotional flow!

“Become a flower and you will gain a beauty; you will gain a smile. Let it radiate and behold, beauty will come to both heaven and earth; barren hearts will overflow with delight and you will become a home to many, a poem. You will be a sun of divine brilliance on this earth.”

If you feel Tantra is your soul calling and you want to move into teaching, then do not wait any longer!

Module 3

Woman as Healer
Opening the Psychic Gift

Reclaiming the power and the glory of our wise woman heritage

As women, our very nature offers gifts of healing and intuition. The intuitive zones in the brain expand in female foetuses, giving a clear indication that we are meant by nature to be able to open psychic sensitivity. This coupled with the fact that the 6th chakra, (third eye centre) is a ‘positive pole’ in women, offers the possibility for every woman to develop her innate clairvoyant potential.

Our intuition opens the connection to source, which healing depends on. This group is devoted to restoring and enlivening our innate treasury of psychic and healing gifts..

We use painting, dance, aura exploration, deep relaxation, emotional spaciousness, meditation, ritual, healing touch and playfulness to access our women’s wisdom, becoming intensely alive and inspired to live our lives with more awareness, respect for our own mystical knowing, love and personal power. As we release old conditionings and fears around being branded as ‘witches’ we once again open to the gifts of healing and intuition, with confidence and vitality. It is good to remember that the original meaning of ‘witch’ is ‘wise woman’.

Feminine wisdom is rich and diverse, and expresses itself in a unique way in each one of us, based on our inner voice, psychic and intuitive faculties. There will be a transmission of simple yet powerful psychic and healing techniques to take away with you. These techniques will be based in your reclaimed abilities, yours to keep and experiment with.

“In the morning greet the energy of the sun
At night, inhale the vitality of the moon
In time the elixir can be culled.
With the years, the body naturally lightens
Where the original spirit comes and goes
Myriad apertures emit radiant light.”
From Secret Teachings of Taoist Women


Module 4

Female spiritual mastery

We are multi-faceted, multi-orgasmic, multi-talented beings.

In the Module 4, a woman’s spiritual path is explored in all its magnificence. The female path is unveiled through love, devotion and compassion, fuelled by sexual ecstasy and emotional flow, and based on trusting and heeding the messages given by our intuition. Recognizing these qualities within, we can connect to our immense capacity for living love in everyday life.

This leads to female spiritual mastery, where we find ourselves effortlessly united with source. The ease with which women can open to ultimate truth is entirely dependent on how much we have learned to love and accept ourselves in all that we are.

Embracing our full potential is a revolutionary step. It is of vital importance in the world today for women to discover our fullest potential. The spiritual awakening of women is the catalyst for a new dawn, It is time that we women take this step, together, as empowered keepers of a new age of peace, where balanced love and ecstatic, sensuous spirituality are as natural as breathing.

In this group we move into the merging of sacred and profane, discovering the magic of Tantra transformation, trusting in the inner sanctum of the heart to work its alchemical magic. Meditation, ritual and celebration nurture our journey into the heart and soul of women’s spiritual mastery.

“O friend, understand: The body is like the ocean,
rich with hidden treasures.
Open your innermost chamber and light its lamp.
Within the body are gardens, rare flowers, peacocks,
the inner music; within the body a lake of bliss,
On it, the white soul-swans take their joy.”


A 2 years' journey

The training is in 2 parts and is held over a period of 2 years. This means it will be necessary to travel 2 times to Bali. Each part of the training is for three weeks and we ask that everyone arrives the day before each part of the Training begins and leaves no earlier than after lunch on the day the training ends. In other words, make sure to be there for each and every part of the training.

At the completion of each part of the training we will be giving you a series of Tantra Meditation homework to practice. By practicing these, you will evolve your consciousness very rapidly and will much better able to handle being a Goddess Essence Teacher because of this.

We will also be doing some filming during the training so you will be able to see yourself and how you are presenting. This methodology helps participants to take a quantum leap in terms of teaching skill. By seeing yourself on the screen along with your peers, it changes the gestalt of how you will approach presenting Woman’s Groups. You will rapidly learn the correct way to put yourself out there as a facilitator.

In addition to this, my co-teacher Tanmaya and I will give you both written and verbal feedback as part of our evaluation of your work. As you progress in your teaching skills, you will eventually be grateful for these evaluations as it will take you on a fast track of improving your teaching ability.

The whole training is experiential, meaning you will be participating in a lot of Tantra meditations and exercises, on your own, with partners and also with the whole group. The focus of this training is to open the Power Centres inherent in a woman’s body, raise kundalini and expand your capacity for the merging of emotions, sexuality, love and spirituality. Once you have discovered your incredible power as a woman, you will be able to choose your life path with clarity, joy and wisdom.

Luxury Accommodation

Desa Saya, Bali

For the duration of this training, you will have luxurious accommodation by the ocean and gourmet vegan high quality meals: 3 weeks in 2022, from 3rd July to 23rd July 2022, and 26th February to 19th March 2023

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What Happens After You Apply

After you fill in your questionnaire and send it to us, my co-teacher Tanmaya and I will answer you whether you are accepted into the training or not. In general, we only accept into the Teacher Training, those women who have already had experience in personal development, women’s work, meditation and Tantra. This is because it is a teacher’s training and therefore needs a certain level of experience in order to take the quantum leap into becoming an Goddess Essence Teacher.

If you have no experience and simply wish to dive into an Goddess Essence series of weekend workshops, you can find these on offer in Europe and in Asia. (check www.tantra-essence.com for more details.)

If you are accepted into the Teacher Training, you can then be in contact with our organiser, Durga, in order to pay the Training fee and find out the practical’s in regards to the venue and anything you may need to bring with you.

Who The Program Is For & Who It’s Not For

This Training is for those women who have experience in meditation, personal development, woman’s work and tantra. It is an offering for those women who would like to make a difference in woman’s lives by sharing and teaching Goddess Essence Course plus the Goddess Essence Teacher Training work in the world.

This Training is not for you if you simply want to have a taste of woman’s work and are not really sincere about wishing to become a teacher of women. It is not for you if you are deeply immersed in personal problems and are expecting this training to heal you. Yes, you will experience healing, by the way, but if this is your primary focus at this time, then it is not for you. We are staying focused on developing your teaching skills rather than offering you therapy in this training.

This training is not for you if you suffer from depression, anorexia nervosa, or are addicted to drugs, alcohol and junk food. If you have any serious impediment to learning, for whatever reason, then this training will be too challenging for you.

There are many women who have been sincerely working on themselves and who are ready to take a jump to the next level. In fact, the whole planetary consciousness is getting ready to take a jump to the next level. If you are one of those women who would like to support the new dawn of humanity, then this training is for you!

What you can expect?

BOTH IN 2022 AND 2023
❖ YEAR 2022 ❖
July 23rd
❖ YEAR 2023 ❖
February 26TH ―
March 19TH
0 Days
Teacher Training *
0 Days
Accommodation **

* 420 hours intensive work split over the course of 2 years
** Double occupancy, includes 3 healthy vegan meals and drinks

We will send you via email all detailed price list to your email.

Apply now, and check our early bird price possibilities, or other special offers


• Flights • Travel insurance

* We can only accommodate limited number of women in our intimate venue,
just so you know as our limited spaces are being accounted for.

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