with Ma Ananda Sarita & Ma Prem Tanmaya

( Next Goddess Essence Teacher Training will be held in Europe)
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It is important for you to know that any woman applying from China or who speaks Chinese will be required to participate in the Chinese language Goddess Essence Teacher Training being organised by Rose in Thailand, 4x 14 days 2020/2021. You will need to be in contact with Rose in order to reserve your space in this training at xiaoguo.xi@yahoo.com!


1. After submitting this form, you will be automagically redirected to the page where you can download the FULL APPLICATION FORM.

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3. With the full application form filled out, you’ll be required to pay your first deposit. Details are in Application Form.


  • I understand that the group, session, and training processes with  Ma Ananda Sarita and Ma Prem Tanmaya will focus on development of consciousness and individual responsibility. Therefore, I understand that I am responsible and I am invited not to do anything contrary to my values and in opposition to my consciousness.
  • I understand and recognise that what happens to me during the group, training or session processes stays under my control and the teachers, session givers and organisers are not in any way responsible in the case of eventual physical problems or mental prejudice on my part.
  • I understand that I am participating in the processes with  Ma Ananda Sarita and Ma Prem Tanmaya for my own personal evolution and I agree not to teach the methods developed by  Ma Ananda Sarita and her co-facilitators unless and until I am authorised to do so in writing and under contract by Ma Ananda Sarita.
  • I understand that the permission to teach may be given only after I have completed the required amount of training and assisting, so that the principles and spirit of the methods are well represented.
  • I understand that none of the processes offered by  Ma Ananda Sarita and her co-facilitators takes the place of qualified medical advice and I realise that I am advised to seek such advice if I feel the need for it.
  • I am aware that I must not record anything that happens in an Goddess Essence Teacher Training group without the prior permission of the group leaders and possibly also the other group members. This applies to both audio and video recordings.