with Ma Ananda Sarita & Ma Prem Tanmaya

Financial Arrangements and Agreement

Goddess Essence Teacher Training ( GETT) 2020/2021
The tuition costs

There are 5.980 euro for each of the two-three weeks’ modules of the training making a total of 11.960 euro for the whole training. 

Is all inclusive.
Group room hire, food and beverages and accommodation costs are included already in this price.
Mentioned price is for double occupancy in 5 ***** retreat center directly by the ocean in Bali,
includes also 3 healthy and delicious vegan meals and all drinks.

We also offer Scholarship,
if you are in a situation, the fee is too high for you. Means you come from a country with low economic, you are a student, or you do a lot of work for free for people etc. We have 5 Scholarship places available. Pls, don’t hesitate to ask!!

We only have 24 places available for this GODDESS ESSENCE TEACHER TRAINING, as we wont to offer high quality and intensity of teaching and transmission. Means the group will be small and very intensive.
New Training begins only every other year.

Invest now for your positive future.
The Goddess Essence Teacher Training Offers:

*42 days, over 300 hours of comprehensive training in how to be a Tantra Teacher for Women. ( 2x 3 weeks spread over two years)

*Extensive home practice in-between each part of the training, supporting your evolution of consciousness.

* How to facilitate and guide small or large groups of women into positive transformation using the ‘Tantra Essence’ approach

*A well-rounded teaching for ‘future teachers’ which includes;

– conscious emotional release,
– expanded love,
– active and silent meditation,
– group sharing,
– rituals, massage,
– developing clairvoyance,
– expanding orgasmic capacity,
– awakening kundalini
– embodying the spiritual path for women.

*How to decorate the group room,
how to choose and play appropriate music for your groups,
how to hold presence and
how to do public speaking.

* A comprehensive workbook with step by step guidance: how to teach many varied exercises, rituals and meditations.

*Being filmed while learning to teach is an integral part of the training. You will make exponential leaps in your teaching ability by seeing yourself presenting various subjects on film.

*You will receive verbal and written evaluation about your teaching skills, lovingly offered by both teachers of the training.

* At the end of the Training, you will receive a Goddess Essence Teaching Certificate issued by www.tantra-essence.com
Tantra Essence has a reputation for very high caliber Tantra groups, based on 23 years of teaching presence, as a global leader in the field of Tantra.

*After graduation, you have an option to become part of The International Goddess Essence Team, thereby gaining an instant platform to publicize your groups. (To be decided after consultation with Ma Ananda Sarita)

*How to market yourself as a world-class tantra teacher of women and how to work with a professional organizer for your work.
As this is professional training, and you will walk out of the training as a world-class Tantra Teacher.

Ma Ananda Sarita

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