with Ma Ananda Sarita & Ma Prem Tanmaya

Ma Ananda Sarita

My Tantra Path

The approach to Tantra I offer, is rooted in my own personal experience. I left my home in California at the age of 15 and set out on a journey to find the ‘essence of life.’ After hitchhiking all through North America, Europe and the Middle East, I arrived in India at the age of 17, where I had the great good fortune to meet Osho. I was initiated into Neo-Sannyas by him in 1973 and remained in his Buddha-field for the next 26 years, receiving much personal guidance from him in Meditation, Love, Relating and Tantra. For 16 years, I only went in, deeper and deeper to the core of my being through potent meditation practices. When Osho left his body in 1990, I began teaching and sharing what I had experienced. This sharing became a stream, then a river, flowing all over the world.

My Work as a Tantra Master

At the time of writing, I teach all over the world, working with a dedicated, talented team of Tantra Teachers. I teach a retreat exploring the 112 methods of the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra / a 7 level Tantra Training for Couples called The Soul Mate Training / The Tantra Teacher Training / Tantra Mystic Massage Training / Master Lover Course / Sex To Superconsciousness Course / Sacred Sexuality group, Goddess Essence Course plus the Goddess Essence Teacher Training and numerous shorter weekend groups.

The wisdom essence I embody is rooted in Osho’s Neo Tantra teachings and is deeply influenced by Kashmiri and Baul Mystic approaches to Tantra. Everything I am sharing has only one purpose, to offer ways and means for people to open into living embodied enlightenment. To this aim, I devise many methods as well as utilize methods from Osho and past Tantra Masters.

I have been travelling the Tantra path both as an individual and in deep Tantra relationship. The revolutionary discovery that meditating together as a couple can transform a relationship into something divine, is what inspired me to begin teaching Tantra.

The Tantra Path Begins Here

It is possible to enter the Tantra path from wherever you are right now. If you are angry, you can use your anger as a meditation. If you are full of passion, you can use that too. If you bring acceptance and consciousness to what you experience, it will automatically be transformed into its divine aspect. Consciousness is the master key to opening all the doors of our being.

If you learn how to bring consciousness to the phenomenon of sex, love, and relating you will have the alchemical secret of transforming all aspects of your being into their divine potential. If we wish to know the great orgasm with the universe, we have to begin with our own body and it’s potential for orgasmic ecstasy. Everything flowers from our profound experience of our own body and psyche and how that is in relation to others and the world around us.

Tantra; A Multidimensional Discovery

Those who have travelled before, make a path easier to understand. I have discovered ways and means to help the Tantra path become easier for those who are looking for a map or guidebook. Each step on this path will help your consciousness expand in a new and different way. Tantra is really a wonderful multidimensional adventure of discovery. How vast are you? How infinite is the love you contain? Is there any end to the luminous consciousness of your being? In my every breath, I bow down to and honour the ecstatic path of Tantra which has made me who I am today. It is the weaving together of love and meditation that makes us whole.

Excerpt from the book Tantra Alchemy
By Ma Ananda Sarita

“Celebration is the perfume of the Gods. Whenever you enter into celebration, in whatever moment, you are inviting the divine close to your heart.”
Ananda Sarita