with Ma Ananda Sarita & Ma Prem Tanmaya

Ma Prem Durga

When I was twelve years old, my mother, that I loved so much, got diagnosed by ovarian cancer. For two long years, I saw her dying in agonizing pain. When she left her body, my childhood was over.

I didn’t know my father so much, so I moved to a bigger city for study. Suddenly I was alone, an orphan teenager in a new city…and I experienced huge grief and loneliness. …I was thinking, all this was a mistake of her gynecologists, so I decided, that this mistake should never happen again, so no other child experience this pain and no other young woman die unnecessarily and too early.

I was thinking, now I will study western medicine together with alternative medicine and this will be the solution. I put all my effort into this journey, and I went thru all kinds of natural therapies, including western medicine. But while studying medicine, I was not satisfied, I knew something is missing.

Then I was thinking I will find the answer in the East, so one day we took with my few friends Trans-Siberian train to Mongolia, and spend two months in pure nature. We cross the Gobi desert only by our foot than traveled Altay mountain on horses. I felt deeply connected with mother earth, it was the ultimate meditation experience.

But then, while coming to Europe again, I became very sick, I had a high fever for a few weeks, nobody knew why. And I only had one sentence in my mind: ” there should be something else, this is not yet the answer, there is something else.!” …this only sentence was like a mantra in my delirious fever mind…….

Finally, I was healthy and immediately I went to one Osho meditation center in the countryside. After two days, I was sitting outside, watching the sunset, and suddenly one woman, in pure joy and extasy, was making movements like a cat !…… and suddenly, I knew, this is the answer! The answer, I was looking for seven long years: Meditation, specially Osho meditation, this ultimate inner journey.

Since then, I never made a step back. That time many Osho Sannyasins were coming and teaching here, so I spend most of my time assisting and helping them in groups…I also traveled a lot, especially in India and Asia, and continued searching, what is good for woman health. …..

But still, I was not fully on my meditation path, I was hesitating between western medicine and meditation path.

Right before I graduated as a medical doctor, a spend one month in Sri Lanka. One day I met one young man, who took me to his village in the jungle. His father was the most powerful shaman in Sri Lanka, and there were many people coming to him for shamanic ceremony and healing. I was the only white woman there. During one ceremony, he invited me into the ceremony and told me: ” you are hesitating, there are two paths before you, you are losing a lot of energy. Once you decide right and choose, huge energy will come to you and thru you.”

And it was truth……..When I come home from Sri Lanka, I started to work as a doctor in one sanatorium, for young children, after spinal injury. But deep inside, I was not happy…..So I left western medicine forever…….

I opened my own healing school for woman based on meditation. Then while it happened, huge energy come to me. I was working sixteen hours a day, I went to sleep with this idea, had dreams what to do next, wake up with the idea….. I was traveling, giving discourses and groups. And just within one year, the school become far beyond successful, and then within ten years, more than 10.000 women in the Czech Republic, were part of this school, included more than a hundred teachers………

I was thinking, I have not so much time anyway, as there is a high possibility, I also die young, the same destiny as my mother, my grandmother, my great-grandmother. They all died young for ovarian cancer, with small children left behind…..so this closeness of death, it made my life even much more intensive, without compromising…….

Then I met Sarita, and I fall in love with her teaching. Teacher Training just within two years brought me much closer to connection with the divine……..this profound divine energy was pure nourishment for my heart. …. after finishing Teacher Training, one day I took a series of Shirodhara sessions, and during this session, a voice comes to me and tell me: ” invite Sarita for teaching Woman in the Czech Republic for Teacher Training”.

……and like this our journey together began. It was a real rollercoaster and we were very successful. Teacher Training just brought so much light into the heart of Europe. And I know, this new Goddess Essence Teacher Training in Bali will bring joy, love, divine connection to all woman all around the planet and even much more……I can’t wait to see this blossom happening….for me is pure joy to be part of this manifestation.

Love, Durga