with Ma Ananda Sarita & Ma Prem Tanmaya

Ma Prem Tanmaya

Growing up in the Austrian countryside, my childhood was simple and wholesome. It was all about connecting with the mysteries of life through freedom and the bounty of nature. I spent hours and hours in our orchard and in the woods. The days were full of play, creativity and wonder. 

From early childhood, I was fascinated by creative expression and quite early, it was my dream to become an actress. I pursued this dream by studying acting and performing arts. The embodiment of various characters and the exploration of the depth of the human being drew me into exploring my own inner being. Acting quenched my thirst for truth and living in the moment. I experience being at one with the character and with the audience at the same time. It was on stage that I had my first glimpses of meditation and presence. 

During my studies, a friend introduced us to the teachings of Osho and I started practicing his meditations with full enthusiasm, soaking up the transformation and insights they offered. 

I decided to take a leap and travel to India to spend time in the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune. There I found myself in an international community, among a gathering of like-minded people living together. The spirit of love, mediation and celebration in Pune gave me a true sense of being at home and I knew that this was the life I wanted to pursue. In 2010 I was ready to take Sannyas and I immersed myself in various self-development groups and started to live and work in the Osho International community in India.

My first encounter with Tantra gave me a profound, direct experience of love and set me on this existential path that I have been following ever since.

Through my beloved, Anahata, whom I met in 2011, I came in contact with Ma Ananda Sarita. She became my teacher and guide and I studied with her intensively over several years, exploring my own inner sky and diving deeply into the essence of love and meditation.

Since then I am passionate about sharing the power of Tantra with others. I teach with Tantra Earth and am a member of the Lead Faculty in Tantra Essence, in both India and Europe. I love to blend deep and profound meditations with playfulness and lightness. My dream is that we all experience the magic of living in the moment, in love and consciousness, fully accepting ourselves and each other. We are all one in the light of love. This is my calling, my mantra and my life’s work.

I am totally set on fire for woman’s work after I have witnessed and experienced the depth of transformation and immense healing while working with women. For me female spirituality is based on trust, love and surrender. Growth happens with ease and grace when we realize that the “only” thing we have to do is to relax into our feminine nature and loving ourselves.

For me the Goddess Essence teacher training is simply supporting women to find their way home.

“We as women don’t have to go to any church or temple to pray in order to meet face to face with god. We only have to love ourselves, our body and our innate divinity; then we meet god in this very body.”
Ma Prem Tanmaya